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Neica's Report On Spherical Blobs

An essay

I saw the creatures eating them. They would go over the same routine: a red blob of flesh would vacate a cavern in the head and, pulsing, stroke a spherical globe on a conical mounting. In doing so, it would have a bit of it get inside the cavern. It would repeat this until the sphere was flattened.

Then they would start using hard white objects that were mounted just inside the opening of the cavern in the head to break off pieces of the conical mounting until it, too, was inside their body.

Meanwhile, they would be expressing feelings of joy and pleasure. Why, I know not. It seemed time-consuming, and perhaps annoying.

They called the substance ayies-kreim. I wonder what its purpose is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool ur such a copycat

4:37 PM  
Blogger Foster Child Advocate said...

mmm...Ice cream. Suppose that would look weird to an alien.

5:34 PM  

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